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Trademark registration in Malaysia puts a stamp of authenticity on your brand’s goods or services–your hard work. 

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Welcome to Sabah’s first-ever one-stop website to get your registered trademark in Malaysia. Be it letters, numerals, devices, brands, headings, tickets, names, signatures, labels, or any combinations thereof that may be used to distinguish your company’s goods or services–we got your back in any desired language.   

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4 Advantages of a Trademark Registration in Malaysia

Why should you register a trademark in Malaysia? Everyone always recommends trademark protection, but what are the actual benefits of being a registered proprietor? We’ve touched on four reasons why it’s a good idea to submit a trademark application form on and protect your intellectual property.

Avoid Costly Rebranding

If you don’t trademark your brand name properly, competitors might file their own trademark applications and gain exclusive rights to “your” identity. This would forbid you from further operation or expansion under your current brand name. 

Do you really want to rebuild your trust with customers under a new guise? 

Rebranding would not only weaken your marketing strategies, but it would call for significant logistical changes in your goods or service’s production, too. As if all of that wasn’t expensive enough the first time. If you don’t rebrand, then you’re liable to infringement charges that will cost you lawsuits or fees like paying for damages claimed by the proprietor of the mark.  

Get your certificate of registration today and start protecting your hard work. By doing so, you ensure that other companies can’t get identical or similar trademarks, either. That means you get to exclusively operate and market your goods or services with not pesky copycats.  

Stand Out in the Sea of Competitors

The marketplace is crowded with hundreds if not thousands of similar competitors. By distinguishing your business officially on paper with the “®,” you stand out for your authenticity and capture more customer trust and attention. Ultimately, that results in more profit to finance your growth.

Additionally, potential investors or partners will always favour a brand with its intellectual property trademarked because there’s less risk of being brand-sabotaged. Lessening risk will give you an edge in investment negotiations. More funds will thereby catalyse growth so you can soar past competitors.

Don’t Miss Out on Hiring Talent

The best employees want to work at the best companies. A registered trademark increases the prestige of your company, making employment there more attractive. By attracting and hiring more talent to your team, you can create better goods or services for happy customers.

Employees will also feel more proud to associate with your brand name if you have an authentic product or service–improving employee retention.

Just like that, registration of trademark initiates an interdependent employee-brand relationship that will snowball into overall growth and talent retention.

Refile Registered Trademarks Once Every 10 Years

Maintaining a trademark in Sabah, Malaysia, isn’t an administrative nightmare every few weeks or months. Try years. Under the trademarks act of Malaysia, your certificate of registration is valid for up to ten years from the date of registration.

Classifications That We Have Protected


Construction Company


Apparel and Clothing

Retail and Wholesale

And other Services


The average processing duration for filing a trademark registration for your goods and services in Malaysia is 12-18 months. After the Malaysian IPO accepts a trademark application, it undergoes formal and substantive examinations.

If the Registrar accepts your trademark application, it is published in Malaysia Intellectual Property Official Journal. Within two months of publication, any third party may file a duly reasoned objection to trademark application registration.

In Malaysia, if your company’s trademark certificate has not been used continuously for three years from the date of registration, it can be cancelled on the grounds of non-use by any aggrieved person.

In Malaysia, registration is not compulsory to establish rights in a mark. However, it is highly advisable to register your trademark, as it provides distinct advantages beyond the rights acquired by merely using a mark.

No, a trademark registered in Malaysia is only protected in Malaysia as it is territorial in nature.

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Trademark registration in Malaysia puts a stamp of authenticity on your brand’s goods or services–your hard work. 

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